Photos of memorial cake just to celebrate that I got the headbow to go with my OP!

+ Imai Kira illustration


So, now I can cross pastel a la mode off my list! I finally found the pink polka dotted version of the OP and only hesitated for a day. I have only toy parade, nakayoshi bunny, sugary carnival and magical etoile still to go and after that I can rest in peace. Yayy


First time I'm going to get the whole set for the dress and now that I've got the MP OP I'm getting the melted ice-cream headdress also!

Found a new low

This makes me speachless. This should be nakayoshi bunny copy? Just that you probably use paperglue to attach softtoy bunnies in shitty looking excuse for a dress to make money doesn't make people want to buy this kind of rotten fart coming from a cheap ass subtitute for angelic pretty.

Here's the copycat nakayoshi bunny by dream of lolita. Yeeea... Dream on.

And here's original AP nakayoshi bunny. Can you see the difference?

New AP print merry making party

So there's cakes, booze, it's a busy print and the white colorway seems to be very pretty - which all are great but I'm not sure about the old-school vibe going on in the pictures nor the stripes. It reminds me of miracle candy by the way the print is drawn (and the stripes in the waist bow) but.. I DON'T KNOW. I aint hating it but I aint loving it either. It isn't that dissapointing as little bear's cafe was.